The one and only Platinum machine!

Looking to hog roast for large numbers of people? Not sure how many or what machine to use? Then let me recommend the one and only Platinum machine this machine is versatile and the only machine needed to cook all your food. The machine not only looks the part but is the part in stainless steel and glass the design is simplicity at its best. Duel cooking meaning you can cook on two levels maybe cook the meat on the top and say the vegetables underneath and keeping the food warm also when cooked, the machine has two huge gastronomes which are worth their weight in gold when catering and can be used for an array of dishes such as soup, gravy, fillings for jacket potatoes and much more keeping the food nice and warm too. Clip on the hog roast attachment and you are ready to go place on your pig and it will cook producing the most wonderful aroma. Or you could if preferred use the chicken rotisserie with this you can cook large volumes of meat at the same time over the flames this is the most traditional method and dates back centuries and is always popular drawing in the crowds at events! Clip on the barbeque plate and your machine takes on a new lease of life! Cook delicious sausage and burgers for guests and pop them into buns quick, simple and one of the cheapest forms of catering ideal for kid’s parties and particularly popular if holding a bonfire event fill the gastronomes with onions and beans this will accompany the burgers there is no limit to what you can make only your imagination is needed. Every single bit of the machine slots apart easily for easy cleaning and don’t panic you will get a DVD to guide you each step of the way you will never be left on your own. You cannot get a more stylish, versatile and easy to use hog roasting machine than the Platinum it sets its self apart from others and is magnificent to say the least, hog roasting at its best.