A variety of shapes and sizes

Hog roasting machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes and lots to choose from swing the clock back ten years ago and you would be hard pushed to find one a good one that is, now with the internet you really are spoilt for choice lots of websites offering the machines and just a word of warning buy British!

The Platinum is what we would best describe the elite out of all the machines, the Platinum stands tall and is a machine to be proud of you can tell at first glance the work that has gone into the machine our team of engineers spent months even years perfecting the Platinum and we can confidently say that the machine is at its best. Made from the finest stainless steel and finished off beautifully clean lines and edges give the machine a stream line view and it looks very professional, a large machine but not bulky or over sizes perfect for what you need to do from small gatherings to large gatherings you have ample space to cook, a large handle, robust strong wheels and the machine just glides along moving swiftly you have to think most ground is very uneven and you could be catering on gravel or grass so the machine really needs to be sturdy can you imagine the trouble it would cost if it wasn’t especially when you are suing hot food it really must be safe.

The Platinum is fuelled by a gas bottle that simply clips on the side of the machine and you are cooking in seconds, the machine boasts duel fuel cooking on two different levels at different temperatures which is perfect when you are cooking meat on one level and vegetables and potatoes on another, we ship The Platinum all over the world and it is fair to say we get tremendous feed back from all who buy her the machine is well known amongst professional caterers and if it is good enough for them then it is good enough for all! The Platinum the only machine you will ever need…