Platinum hog

The Platinum hog roasting machine is the most stylish hog roasting machine ever designed to perfection the machines truly are a work of art and used to cook lots of meat. Starting with the spit roast attachment the pig is clipped onto the machine and the skin scored to produce cracking the meat slowly turns and cooks producing the most succulent meat ever. Two huge hot plate attachments sit at the side of the machine to store either stuffing or delicious apple- sauce. The Platinum has duel cooking what this means is you can in fact cook on two levels the open top first level which can be used to sit the pig and the second level which has a large door and you can cook lots of meats or you can even cook another pig on the second level. Vegetables to accompany the meat are most commonly cooked on the second level there is absolutely nothing you cannot do on these machines they are the elite. The Platinum is the largest in the hog roasting machines and can be used to cook for hundreds at any one time. Nothing has been left out in creating the design of this machine it comes with robust wheels which makes the machine move easily and flow with ease. Made with brushed stainless steel and toughened safety glass windows it is very pleasing on the eye. The machine is easy to clean which takes all the hard work out of hog roasting some machines take forever to clean and mark really easily with the Platinum it is wipe clean really easy and simple to clean making it a pleasure to use. Customers always comment on how easy these machines are to use they look so complicated but are the easiest to use this one machine is all you will ever need to cook everything for your event at once. The machine comes complete with four accessory attachments that clip onto the machine enabling you to barbeque and spit roast. If you want a machine that can do everything then the Platinum is the one.