What about using the Platinum as a bbq?

It seems to be part of the DNA of every dad in the United Kingdom. It lurks inside the brain all year and seems to explode at the first mere glimmer of sunshine, and once awakened it can be hard to control the urge that is the need to barbecue! We see it every summer, like some mass disease afflicting all dads regardless of age. There is a sudden mass panic to wear rather unfashionable shorts, rip off shirts and dash down to the garden shed to extract what is probably a wholly unsuitable piece of equipment for cooking, namely a rather shaky, flimsy and altogether unimpressive looking barbecue. Now, don’t get me wrong. Some people have lovely barbecue that is very impressive and definitely up to the task of cooking a fine burger, meaty sausages and some spicy kebabs, but it has to be said that they are in the minority. Most barbecue sets that you see making their way out of garden sheds are more similar to Meccano sets than serious cooking appliances. A strong breeze would blow many of them over and you feel that a rather hefty pork chop may make them collapse under the incredible stress, such is their lack of rigidity.

Will they cook the food that is placed upon them? Well, they can probably cope with a few sausages and burgers, though how well the food is cooked could be anyone’s guess. . But what you can say with some certainty is that these barbecues just aren’t up to any serious work. If you are planning on barbecuing for lots of people or cooking something like a whole pig then it really is time to start looking for something a little more professional, and they certainly do not come much better and more professional than the Platinum hog roast machine.

Now you may be looking at the fine photographs of the Platinum and thinking how impressive it looks, and you’d be right. It is a truly impressive machine and one that is very capable of truly professional results, which is no surprise because the Platinum is used by many professional hog roasters in the United Kingdom every single day, often cooking for hundreds of people, so you can see why it has to look the business. This is an awesome hog roast machine and in our minds the best on the market. Is it too good for the domestic market though? Well it depends on how good a barbecues fanatic you are because if you really love your barbecuing then you will fall in love with the Platinum hog roast machine because this takes you to the next level. You can now take on those big joints of meat that you have always fancied cooking. Better still, why not take on a hog roast for the ultimate in flavour and taste? With a Platinum hog roaster you really have everything you need to cook incredible tasting hog roast as well as other great tasting meats, with flavours that you would find impossible to get with that old barbecue kit. This is proper cooking.

Have a good look at the Platinum and you’ll see that you can have the spit roast kit accessory attached making this a brilliant spit roaster. How brilliant will this look in your back garden when the party starts arriving? Just imagine the look on people’s faces when they see (and smell) the mightily impressive spit roast in action with a whole pig or lamb slowly cooking away. It is absolutely guaranteed to get you constant admiring glances and will really help get the party off with a bang. Everybody loves the look and taste of hog roast and now you are able to cook your very own without having tom bring in the caterers. But don’t go thinking that your barbecue days are over just yet because the Platinum lets you relive those days in style with the incredible BBQ set accessory. This transforms your Platinum hog roast machine into the barbecue you have always wanted. You will look the total barbecue professional with this in action, enabling to serve up burgers, kebabs and sausages just like seasoned fast food pro at a music festival. You will adore it. The Platinum may look out of this world but it will soon bring back down to the ground with it’s incredible versatility and superb tasting results, so why not rummage in the shed, ditch the old barbecue and treat yourself to a bit of Platinum hog roast machine magic!