Hosting parties with a Platinum hog roast.

Parties and events have come a long way in the last few years. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed some really brilliant parties in my time, met some great people and really let myself relax and have fun. The seventies were a little mad, the eighties were a bit hairy, the nineties were loud and the noughties were, well, a little more sedate. So what was wrong with them? Well, I defy most people to say that the food at parties always been brilliant and it has often been downright awful. I always found this a little odd, because surely if you say something is a special event then it really should be that, ‘special’. What on earth possesses people to claim that a pile of cheese and ham sandwiches denotes special is a little beyond me. Cold sausages, cheese and pineapple on sticks, chicken legs? They aren’t special, they are just totally boring. Still we all put up with them for many years without too much of a fight…apart from to leave early for trip the fish and chip shop!

Things had to change and I’d like to think that I helped do my own little bit to help transform the catering misery that was sweeping the nation. You see, I always fancied myself as a bit of a caterer, looking after all the great parties and events, but what I certainly did not want to be a party to (see what I did there) is roll out the same old rubbish that I had been made to eat at loads of functions in the past. So, I decided to make an investment in some gear that was going to give me the edge, namely a Platinum hog roast machine. I had been to a couple of hog roast events in the past and I had loved them. They seemed to appeal to all ages and always seemed to go down well with people, so a hog roast machine seemed like the obvious choice, but then I thought ‘where do you buy a hog roast machine from?’ After a bit of head scratching and wandering around the web, I came across a few options. I was actually amazed at the choice available but I also soon became surprised at just how varied in quality the machines were. I read lots of reports from hog roast chefs about their work and how it was important to really buy a solidly built machine rather than a cheap option because it would repay you in time. I liked the sound of that. My nephew is a DJ and travels all over the region with his gear and he only ever buys the solidly built stuff because ‘it doesn’t matter if it looks pretty, if it won’t work when I arrive, I’m in trouble. It has to be tough.’ I never thought I’d learn about hog roasting from a DJ but there you go!

Eventually I narrowed my options down to two. I forget the name of the first one but it was a nice looking machine. The other was the Platinum hog roast machine. I really couldn’t decide so I decided to go and see the machines first hand. The first looked okay but it just didn’t seem anything special. Then I went to the factory that made the Platinum. Well, that was impressive. I go to have a good look at the machine itself and it really looked as solid as rock (so Mr DJ would definitely approve). The wheels were like the sort you get on rock band flightcases and the finish on the stainless steel was superb. It just felt like a brilliant piece of kit, and when I heard that Platinum came with a 12 month warranty, full training and support then it really didn’t take me long to simply buy it there and then. In fact I took it home with me! The people there were brilliant and it was quite obvious that they knew the business inside and out and that was very reassuring.

I have really made a great decision and my first few months have gone brilliantly. The Platinum hog roast machine works like a dream and is always at the centre of attention. I don’t think I can praise the Platinum or the Platinum team highly enough. All I would say is that if you happen to be on the lookout for an unlikely hog roast and DJ combo, I may just be able to help!