Spit Roast Kit

Hog Roast MachinesSpit roasting is a traditional and unique way to cook on the Platinum hog roast machines range, this accessory option utilises a 240V motor and spit pole that comes complete with the attachments required to spit either a full pig or lamb. Using the spit roast option really adds to the theatre of the cooking process as both the user and the customer will be able to watch as the meat slowly rotates over the two burners either side. You’ll be able watch as the juices slowly run down the body of the pig and the skin begins to crisp and crackle in front of your eyes. It truly is a site to behold and one that is sure to make your customers mouth water.

The spit roast accessory is designed to have a max weight of 80kgs and is perfect for cooking a full pig or lamb. The user can easily monitor the cooking process and the meat is easily accessed via the two doors on top of the machine. Once cooked the spit pole can be raised up into the service position and placed on the two aerials that rise vertically from the machine. A carving tray can then be used to slide underneath the pig. This allows the user to carve directly from the machine; furthermore the carving tray can be heated up using the thermostatically controlled burners. This allows the user to keep food items warm on the carving tray and prolong the length of service. The idea of raising the pig up into the service position is one that is sure to impress your customers, the pig or lamb acts as a fantastic centrepiece to any event or catering operation.Spit Roast Kit Hog Roast Machines

Using the spit roast accessory couldn’t be easier, the spitting process can be completed in a matter of minutes, and the equipment allows the user to prepare the meat in your own unique way. This could include the simple but delicious water and salt to make the world best crackling or marinating the meat for that full flavour.

The spit roasting accessory comes with a complete manual show you how to get the most from the product. Of course our friendly staff are always available on the phone or email should you require any further advice.The spit roast accessory is great for a wide variety of operations it creates such an atmosphere and excitement that is it the perfect addition to any mobile catering company, hotel, restaurant, pub or indeed any other establishment that want to produce fantastic dishes. To learn more about our spit roast accessory or any other of the options available then give us a call or fill in the contact us form. One of our staff will be more than happy to talk you through the options and send you our brochure which is full of helpful information.