Our Platinum Range

With many sales already being done, it’s safe to say that this year the platinum is going to be a great hit.  Personally we love how unique and functional the platinum is.  Being able to cook different things at the same time, in the same unit is revolutionary to our industry and has proved to be a success already.

The chunky steel frame offers both sturdiness and support as well as being movable and a great focal point to look at.  The sleek new design of the platinum with various viewing windows is a great way to be able to keep your guests entertained by the sight of slow spit roasting meats or delightfully roasting vegetables.  Not only this, it allows you to keep an eye on your cooking process a lot easier.   Along with the viewing windows the oven like pull out at the back of the machine allows you to get up close to your food and really keep an eye on how well it’s cooking, making sure it’s cooked to perfection every time.

Inside the machine, it’s easy to see just why this is the best machine in the hog roast market,  with gas burners either side and the option to cook 2 full animals as well as other items at different heights and positions it really is the best of the best.  The platinum has the ability to cook for many people at once which is great for catering to the public or big events such as a large wedding or corporate event.

With two small, heated banmarie’s at one end and the choice of cooking almost anything you want the platinum machine really is an all in one catering unit.  With the sale of the platinum being higher than ever, more and more people are realizing just how great a machine it is.  Those that have already purchased the platinum are doing nothing but boasting about it’s great flexibility of cooking and unique style and design.

We have done site visits on various occasions and have seen the power and wow factor of the platinum machine on site, with many people opting to cook two pigs and added veg  at the same time the platinum has the capacity to cook for over 600 people at any one time.  With this in mind the platinum beats any other machinery in the hog roasting world and is by far the best option for caterers that strive to be the best.  Not only do you look the part, It is easy to use and can create an atmosphere that no other machine can.  The platinum is great outside, whether your on a windy hill side or on a paved patio, the platinum can withstand howling winds and with two locking brakes on the moveable wheels you know that when it’s in position it won’t move an inch.