Hog Roast Kit

Hog Roast MachinesOur most popular accessory for the Platinum range upper cooking area is the hog roast kit. This is essentially a large tray that sits in the upper cooking area of the machine. The heat supplied from the two full length and thermostatically controlled burners allows the user to cook a wide variety of products in the hog roast tray whilst maintaining constant control over the cooking process.

The hog roast version of the Platinum hog roast machine offers many advantages to both the user and potential customers. Firstly its capacity is far greater than that of the spit roast accessory and the hog roast version doesn’t have any weight restrictions. The maximum capacity is therefore determined by what will fit into the tray, this can include up to a 70kg pig plus 4 boned and rolled pork joints at 20kg each. This roughly speaking equates to cooking 2 full size pigs just in the upper cooking area and would be enough to feed over 300 people. Secondly another advantage of the hog roast tray accessory is the versatility it offers the user.

The spit roast accessory is limited to the cooking of either a full bodied pig or lamb whereas the hog roast tray gives the option to cook a wide variety of products in varying quantities. For example in the hog roast tray could be a couple of joints of beef, a few chickens, legs of pork, jacket potatoes and a rack of lamb. This way you can give your customer a wide selection of options, which results in more choice and less wastage thus improving your service and saving you money.Hog Roast Kit Hog Roast MachinesOnce cooked the hog roast tray can be raised up using the two support bars provided into the service position.

This allows the user to carve directly from the machine with ease whilst displaying the food products in an appealing fashion that is sure to make your guests or customers mouths water. The hog roast kit couldn’t be easier to use as it works just like a conventional oven you simply add the prepared food products to the tray and wait. Unlike the spit roast accessory you don’t have to spit the food products, prepare the motor or watch over the cooking process, this means even the most inexperienced chef can operate the machine and process world class results.

If you’d like to learn more about the hog roast accessory or indeed any of our fantastic products then why not give us a call in the office today. One of our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and you can even book in an appointment to come visit the factory and view the machine up close. Alternatively drop us and email and we’ll send over our brochure and price list giving lots more information on both our company and the Platinum range.