Why choose Platinum over other models?

You are quite right in questioning why you should pick the Platinum hog roast machine over the other makes and models of machines that are on the market, and sometimes it can be very difficult to make a truly informed choice when choosing one product over another, especially when the marketing and adverts are so persuasive.

Investing in a hog roast machine is a big investment, and if you are in the hog roasting business as a caterer then it is a very important decision that will have some bearing on the success or otherwise of your business, so it has to be a carefully made decision. Luckily the Platinum has made a lot of these choices very easy for you. From a caterers point of view, you are probably looking at some basic things that need to be satisfied first. You are going to need a machine that can cope with small events or with those occasional huge functions that will really keep you on your toes. What you do not want to happen is that you have invested in a machine that is simply unable to cope with the demands of a very busy function. It would simply be impractical for a hog roast caterer to have multiple machines with them simply because the first machine is not quite big enough. Well, this is certainly not an issue that you will ever encounter with the Platinum range because these have plenty of space. Actually, we are not doing the Platinum justice with that understatement, because it has the largest capacity of any hog roast machine on the market. You can cope with a quite stunning 180kg of pork in a Platinum which really is something. You may be thinking that capacity is not an essential thing for you just now as you may only be starting out, but you need to think ahead because what you do not want to have to do is invest all over again in a new bigger machine in just a few months time. The Platinum will grow with you so as you get bigger functions, you have no growing pains!

That brings us on to a very important feature of the Platinum that you won’t get in many other pieces of hog roast kit and that is the dual cooking options that the Platinum features. This is remarkable versatility in that you can cook a hog roast or spit roast on the top level whilst cooking other foods on the lower level, or even simply cook two pigs at the same time. This is brilliant for cooking things like vegetable and potatoes or even alternative joints of meat for those who don’t like or cannot eat pork. This really does give you a huge number of options. There are even viewing panels so you can check up on who things are cooking. Again, this is a feature that you won’t find on many other hog roast machines and is another tick in the Platinum box!

Now, it is almost impossible to talk about hog roast without thinking of sauces and stuffing to go with them to go with this delicious meat. Let’s face it, hog roast rolls with sauce and stuffing is like Tom without Jerry! Serving it up van be a messy affair though and can be a bit awkward, so the Platinum brings you a brilliant solution in the shape of Gastronomes. Utilising a bit of space at one end of the Platinum, the Gastronomes provide the perfect solution to storing and dishing out these all important accompaniments. Two compartments actually benefit from the excess heat produced by the machine to keep the stuffing and sauce warm so they are just the right temperature everytime. The Gastronomes also make serving food even easier, keeping everything close at hand and keep everything super efficient. It’s just another reason to choose the Platinum.

As we mentioned, there are certainly no shortage of hog roast machines on the market these days and many of them are very good, whilst others are well marketed but simply do not have the quality and versatility to back up the spin. The Platinum does not need fancy marketing; it is a solid workhorse that is bigger and better than any other machine on the market, despite being less expensive than some models! Choose Platinum and you have a machine that will accommodate your growing catering business and will never let you down even when things get really busy. Platinum is everything that a great hog roast machine should be!