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Introducing the new Platinum range of hog roast and catering machinery, the most versatile and complete piece of catering equipment available on the market today. Combining two unique cooking areas, in a sleek and aesthetic design, the Platinum range is the most advanced machine that is built with the caterer in mind. One of the most striking features of the Platinum range is its dual cooking capabilities, this makes the machine in effect a hybrid and a combination of a commercial catering oven and hog and spit roast machine. Each of these cooking areas are accessed independently and therefore a wide variety of products can be cooked on the machine and added or removed when needed without affecting other products. This is a feature which is completely unique to the hog roast industry. Also when considering capacity it has the largest capabilities of any machine available on the market and still maintains it identity as a mobile catering machine. The machine can solely cater for events into the late hundreds and offers the user the chance to cook a variety of products using different methods of preparation. We believe the Platinum Range is most complete piece of catering equipment available today and here are just a few of its unique features that set it apart from the competition. Upper Cooking Area – this area of the machine takes its inspiration from the traditional hog roast machine and come with four different choices of accessories. The hog roast, spit roast, chicken spit and barbecue. The two doors which cover the top of the machine act as the access point for the upper cooking areas. Each of these doors has a toughened glass viewing panel, this will allow both the user and the customer to monitor the progress of the cooking, with really adds to the excitement, especially with the spit roast attachment as customers will be able to watch as a pig or lambs slowly rotates over the flames. The crispy crackling and tender joints coupled with the smell it creates will be enough to make your mouth water. Once cooked the food can be raised up into the service position, this acts as a fantastic way to display your food and makes serving and carving from the machine easy. To learn more about our accessories for the upper cooking area. Click on one of the pictures. Lower Cooking Area – taking its inspiration from the commercial catering ovens the lower cooking area is really where the Platinum range excels from its counterparts. This level has both a pull down over door and a slide our cooking rack for ease of use and access. There is also a toughened glass viewing panel so both the customers and the users can see into the machine to monitor the cooking process. The advantages of this level are twofold; firstly its gives the opportunity to vastly increase the capacity of the machine, for example and extra 10 legs of pork weighing in at 20kg can be cooked in the lower layer. This is the equivalent of cooking and extra 3 ¼ full size pigs on the machine, this means seriously large catering events can be done from just one machine. Secondly the lower cooking area adds versatility to the equipment and allows the users to cook a wide range of products in addition to cooking in the upper area. For example the lower cooking area is a great place to cook, jackets potatoes, vegetables, barbecue meats and extra joints all together. Fully Stainless Steel – We have always stuck to a stainless steel design with all of our product ranges, not only does this mean that the machine looks great but also means that that cleaning and maintenance are easy too. We use the finest food safe grade of stainless steel and in certain areas the machine is double skinned to protect from the high temperatures. Dual Heat Controls – The Platinum range runs from propane gas cylinders that supply gas to two burners that run the full length of the machine. The gas supply is regulated by two independently controlled gas valves which maintain a constant temperature within both the upper and lower levels. This means the user had complete control over the temperature of the machine which allows for a better finished product. Again this is a feature unique to the Platinum roaster. Fully Mobile – One of the most important aspects in the design process was the machines mobility, we wanted to make sure that the Platinum range was made available to everyone in the catering and event industry and that included mobile caterers. Hog roast and event catering is a market we have been heavily involved in for the past two decades and we know how important it is to have equipment that is easy to transport and use when catering on site. That’s why the Platinum range comes with four heavy duty castor wheels, two of which have a lock on them to keep the machine stationary. The machine fits easily into any commercial vehicle and be easily transported and moved into place when on events. Dual Gastronomes – A completely unique feature of the Platinum range is the dual gastronomes heating points attached to the side of the machine. These utilise the excess heat from the machine and can be used to offer your customers a variety of hot food products. Examples include stuffing, gravy, soup, vegetables and much more. This will allow you the user to offer more variety in your creations and also will create a theatre as you can serve all these extras direct from the machine. It also reduces the need to use extra catering equipment whilst on events. A Product You Can Trust – We are the largest manufacturer of hog roast equipment in the UK, we have a worldwide base of satisfied customers our portfolio of work continues to grow year on year. Every purchase of a Platinum range machine comes with a complete support package that includes; full CE certification, 12 Gas Safe certificate, 12 month warranty, annual serving offers both at the factory and on site. Also included with every machine is a full instructional guide showing how to get the best from your hog roast machine, the website also offers support via our articles section, you tube channel and company blog. We offer next day delivery on parts and accessories as standard and of course our support team will always available on the phone should you need to ask any questions. All of our staff are hog roast caterers themselves so they understand both how the machines work and how to best the best out of them at events. We also offer training both at our site and on live events so you can learn how to use your machine from the professionals. If you’d like to learn more about our Platinum range of products then why not get in touch today, our office hours are Monday – Friday 9am till 5pm and one of our sales team will be more than happy to talk you through our complete range and answer any questions you may have. Alternatively why not send us an email and we will gladly send over our current brochure and price list to give you a bit more information about our company and its products. If you’re serious about hog roasting then go Platinum.