Starting out as a hog roast caterer?

People talk about the mid life crisis quite a bit and the need to do something radically different but wanting to break away from the norm and do something a little different is not something that is exclusive to anyone over the age of 40. Sometimes people can get to a point in their lives where they just have to do something different, and this often means taking a change in their career path. A lot of people have always had a desire to run a hotel or restaurant or even a cafe. They have always loved the idea of walking away from their desk job and being their own boss, singing to their own tune and nobody else’s, and if this sounds like we are describing you then maybe you should consider buying a hog roast machine.

Yes, it’s okay. You may think that I have gone a little mad but I can assure you that I am perfectly sane. A Platinum hog roast machine could be the solution to helping you turn your dreams of cooking for others into a reality. Why consider all the amazing stress and financial burden of buying a restaurant or cafe when you can invest in a mobile version, namely the compact all in one solution that is the Platinum hog roast machine. It may sound like a strange solution to you achieving your culinary ambitions but a hog roast machine really is a great way do just that. And because it’s mobile, you go to where the work is!

Just imagine how great it must be to have a different place to work every day. You would be helping people celebrate at different events and ensuring that they are all well fed. It is a dream job and one that you can actually make a start at mastering the minute you purchase a Platinum hog roast machine, because with this piece of gear, the catering world really is your oyster. If you have ever been to a hog roast function then you will know just how great a night it can be. There is something very refreshing and different about a hog roast event when compared to a normal catered for event and I suspect that is all down to the power of the Platinum hog roast machine. You see hog roast really is a bit of a throwback to medieval times when catering for big events really did involve cooking a huge pig on a huge open fire. It must have been an amazing sight in those days, and although the open fire has made way for the controlled heat of the machine, it is no less impressive. In fact the sight of a hog roast caterer carefully tending to a spitting pig is surely one of the most exciting sights at any modern function or event and is certainly one that guarantees some decent party food rather than the very frequently served bland and tasteless rubbish that one often gets.

Of course, because a Platinum hog roast machine is named as such, it does not mean that it is restricted to cooking just pig. Yes, they were designed primarily for pigs and the Platinum (being the largest capacity hog roast machine on the market) is perfect for the task, but you can certainly branch out and experiment with other meats too, especially for those occasions where people either can’t eat pig or would simply rather eat something a little different. This is one of the reasons why the Platinum hog roast machine is such an ideal choice for anyone starting out in the catering game because it gives you the versatility of offering different meats. There is no better example of this than in our quite amazing chicken spit accessory. This transforms your Platinum into superb chicken factory! Would you believe that with one of these you can happily cook up to thirty six large chickens? Chicken is always a popular meat and being able to cook so many at a time is very handy indeed. Just look at the photographs and see how magic it looks. It really is quite impressive. So, if you think it’s time you made some changes and tried achieving some of those long held catering dreams then why not start now and do something about it? Take the first step to becoming a hog roast caterer by investing in the very best of catering kit there is in the shape of the Platinum hog roast machine.