Is The Platinum Hog Roast Machine a truly up to date piece of equipment?

Do you remember the good old days? No, not the nostalgic music hall programme on BBC from the seventies but the good old days of cooking when food was….well, tasty and well cooked. Of course. Some people may prefer modern cuisine with its unusual combinations of textures and flavours and odd presentation, but I am a bit of a traditionalist and love my food cooked in old manner. I guess that makes me come across as a bit of an old fusspot who can’t accept anything you in style but I can assure you that I am not a complete lost cause in that respect. I do like a nice hog roast!

I certainly think that I can claim to be bang on trend with all the fashionable types by loving my hog roast as it appears that the roasted pig is something of a popular dish these days. Not bad for something that seemed to disappear of the face of the catering planet up until around fifteen years ago. Goodness knows why that was ever the case because hog roast is a true feast amongst feasts and should never have been allowed to fade away like it did. What made this all the more annoying and incredible was the complete terrible foodstuffs that came along in a poor attempt to replace the hog roast. It has to be said that I have been to some truly wonderful events and functions that were completely ruined by the total and utter absence of anything remotely tasting like good food. How I longed at many an event for someone to wheel in a gloriously delicious hog roast. Unfortunately it never happened for many years. It looked like hog roast had bitten the dust.

I was wrong. Look at the many events and functions that go every month and you will see that hog roast is becoming a very common fixture. This is wonderful news for people like me who have always adored the incredible flavour of hog roast and who have been sick to the back teeth of terrible event catering. But what I find curious is why hog roast has come back from the dead and made such a great comeback as a catering solution. It seems that my tastes are not so old fashioned after all. It seems that people are looking for food which goes back to the very basics of cooking rather than pushing the boundaries of strangeness. It seems that people love the homely traditional tastes of hog roast rather than the unfulfilling tastes and empty flavours of pizza and sausage rolls, and that is very encouraging indeed.

Of course, the hog roast caterer is not entirely immune to modernisation and even they have adapted with the times to ensure that their hog roasts are suitable for the twenty first century diner. Just take a look at the Platinum hog roast machine. It may look like something out of a sci-fi series but this is no work of fiction and it tastes a lot nicer than a NASA freeze dried meal! It really is a quite special piece of kit that is capable of cooking a truly superb piece hog roast. Of course, hog roast was originally cooked on a spit over an open fire but, as you can imagine, open fires are a health and safety nightmare and certainly less than ideal for setting up inside an indoor venue, so the Platinum hog roast machine is the perfect solution to what would otherwise be a dangerous cooking session!

Of course, once I heard about how popular hog roast functions were becoming, I simply had to try and get invited to one any way I could….and luckily I did. Well, I was very impressed because this was a quite formal corporate event and not the sort of function I would have expected to see hog roast served at, but as usual, I was in for a surprise. At the previous hog roast events I had attended, the hog roast had been served as hog roast rolls but this time it was very posh indeed. Freshly and exquisitely carved hog roast meat served with potatoes, vegetables, crackling and sauce for a stunning looking gourmet dinner. Incredible to look at and delicious to eat. Even the hog roast chef and his superb looking Platinum hog roast machine looked very impressive. It really was a splendid evening and so good to enjoy a Platinum hog roast once more. If you are after a hog roast machine, choose Platinum!