More and more branch out to Hog Roasting!

Each year more and more branch out into hog roasting and all good for us! We manufacture the platinum machine and cannot stress enough how good our machine is looking at it closer it is easy to see why. Steel outer casing and toughened safety glass are the first things that you notice and the whole unit is streamline and a work of art well we think so! A very large machine but not clumsy very evenly proportioned and every feature useful and key to the performance. The Platinum boasts a glass window, which is very useful meaning that you can keep an eye on what ever it is you are cooking. Swing back the clock say ten fifteen years ago and we would all be eating cold sandwiches at parties and the standard three course meal now you can have wholesome food that is delicious and great value for money when you cook on the Platinum you feel like a chef and you can wow and impress your guests thinking you are a professional cook we wont tell them any other and your confidence will boost after you have used the machine a few times. Our customers vary at one stage we would only get requests from caterers now we have the general pubic just wanting to use the machines for personal use wanting to purchase our machines and why not I can think of nothing nicer than enjoying fresh meat cooked on the machines to absolute sheer perfection, just like we tend to use a barbeque on a nice sunny weekend we can now use a hog roasting machine just like the traditional barbeque but using whole cuts of meat but having said that you can still barbeque on the Platinum with the use of our latest barbeque plate and is proven to be a big hit with customers most say it is easier than barbequing as the machine does all the work and that is what we always say about the Platinum that all you do is turn them on and the machine does the work for you what could be better!