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Whether you are just starting out for the first time or the more advanced caterer we strongly recommend you visit us when thinking about investing in a new hog roasting machine.We have a lot to offer at a very reasonable cost and comes with a full guarantee and customer support 24/7. When we first started out all those years ago we never dared imagine we would be the success we are today we sell thousands of our machines each year and always have satisfied customers, when we sell you a machine that is just the start we are there to answer any questions and help you if you are catering for the first time. Lots are taking up Hog roasting and starting new businesses all over the country and we encourage all who come to us and we think it is a great career choice. We are always celebrating one occasion or another there is always weddings, christenings, birthdays or some what and always people are wanting food at their events and now more and more are opting for the delights of hog roasting and we are not surprised, hog roasting is by far cheaper as we use full cuts of meat and it goes so far there is no waste, we use fresh wholesome foods that are good for you we are not a fast food venue we produce high quality food and there is of course the fun factor of hog roasting the pig! All love the sight of the pig roasting and we can guarantee that whenever a party is held a crowd will always be gathered around the pig people are intrigued and it certainly gets everyone chatting! With the meats you can make sandwiches or you can make a meal to accompany the meat and all can be done on our machines with the use of attachments you are not limited to what you cook. The bbq is our latest and proving to be one of the most used attachments turning your hog roasting machine into a designer bbq that cooks everything perfect. We making cooking a joy!