All eyes on England

At the Platinum Head Office the employees have been extremely busy which we believe it is down to the weather been amazingly sun even with spots of rain, The London 2012 Olympic Games and Euro 2012. England so far are doing really well in the Football and every pub is displaying the football matches. So what can go better with a Football and a Pint? A big chunk of meat sandwiched between a soft floured bun with apple sauce and stuffing doll placed onto the meat accompanied by crispy crackling. Doesn’t that sound appetising, I am sure that will be an instant hit will all the people in the pub.

The London Olympics will be enjoyed by households across the UK and world. Having a delicious feast while or before or after the Olympics is great and tasty way to do it and people are catching onto this way and fast. Bolt set the fastest time by eating Chicken Nuggets before he ran, I wonder how fast he would have run if he had eaten some of our scrumptious hog roast before he ran. Maybe we could try this with our Great British runners, they may even sprint so fast just to try more of our Hog Roast.

The weather is amazing and most Men always drag out the BBQ from the storage and demand today is a day for a BBQ. Instead of BBQ why not try a hog roast? You will be overjoyed the results of the meat and what meat you can roast. I don’t think on any BBQ you can roast a pig but with our Platinum you can. We even have a BBQ Kit so you can roast burgers, kebabs, steaks and all sorts of different things you would normally roast on a BBQ and more. If you are a fan of Chicken which I am sure there are people out there who are we have got a Chicken Spit which can roast up to 36 whole chickens at the same time! Or go for the best and original hog roast or even spit roast where you slot the whole pig or whole lamb or whatever meat you can fit on the spit.

Our Platinum hog roasting machines have travelled the world being bought and hire out by a vast range of countries; France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, Australia, Canada and more.

We are extremely proud of our Platinum hog roasting machines.