With the Olympics little over 10 days away, the preparations for London 2012 are stepping up. For example, the new “Olympic lanes” have been introduced to the roads in London to ease congestion, and all of the athletes are now getting into top shape for their chosen events. But have you are you prepared for London 2012.

If you’re thinking of throwing a party in order to celebrate the Olympics coming to London, why not do something new. Instead of your usual BBQ with supermarket bought burgers and sausages Why not try something different to celebrate the Olympics coming to London. After all, it’s not going to be here again for a while! So why not try a hog roast…
Imagine, watching all of Britain’s brilliant athletes such as Tom Daley, Rebecca Adlington and Sir Chris Hoy do our country proud by winning gold, meanwhile; you and your friends, kick back, enjoy the weather and taste some of the finest hog roast you going to find anywhere, thanks to our top of the range machines.
If you’re thinking of throwing a large party then the machine for you is the Platinum. The Platinum is one of the newer machines we have brought out and is perfect for large events. With its dual cooking level system, you don’t need to worry about the sides to go with your succulent pork. This is because, whilst your pig cooks in the upper level of the machine, the sides, such as jacket potatoes and vegetables, can be cooked in the lower level of the machine. The result of this is some of the best party food you have ever tasted.
Also coming soon in 2012, is the Platinum Excel, a smaller version of the Platinum. This machine would be useful for smaller parties however will not be available in time for the Olympics. However, there no need to fret. Because one of our most popular machines, the Titan, is just as capable of delivering a fine hog roast. The Titan is one of our most popular machines and can be used in two ways. Hog roasting, is where the pig lays flat on a metal tray and slow cooks, this is cheaper to the alternative, spit roasting. In Terms of a spectacle, Spit roasting is the best you’re going to get! With spit roasting, the pig rotates on a pole which delivers perfect crackling and succulent pork and gets the party guests excited.
So to conclude, I leave you with this question, have you prepared for London 2012?