What we can create with our Hog Roast machines

We have been manufacturing Hog Roast machines for over 25 years using precision engineering skills from our fully qualified engineers.

All our machines are made with pride and passion and are all CE approved and have passed the quality assurance test.

Due to our loyalty James Alpe is the leading manufacturer of Hog Roast machines in the country.

The Hog Roast machines we sell are the Titan, the Zeus, the Hogmaster, Platinum and the Professional.

The Titan and Zeus range are our most popular machines we sell due to the outstanding quality and unbeatable price, they have been the main choice of the hog and spit catering industry for years.

There are two versions of this machine which are available the Spit Roast or the Hog Roast, both are very efficient machines that can cook a variety of different food to perfection.

The only difference between the Titan and the Zeus is that the Titan is fully stainless steel with four chunky, easy to manoeuvre wheels.

The Zeus is just as versatile but with stainless steel door and a black powder coated base, and this machine has only two wheels with a stand at one end.

Both if these machines can be compatible with the Spit  Pole kit which consists of

1 x spit pole1 x pole coupling2 x triangles2 x u-bolts1 x 4 pronger1 x 2 pronger1 x spit stop1 x claw and also includes 8 x 17mm screws, all you need for the perfect Spit roasted pig or lamb.

If you don’t fancy spitting a full bodied pig or lamb you can always stick to the Hog Roast tray which is simple to use and easy to clean. .This allows you  to cook using the Hog Roast method which has its advantages, firstly using the tray vastly increases the capacity of the machine, it also allows for a much larger pig to be cooked in the machine, secondly it is very easy to use and requires no experience and unlike the Spit Roast does not use electricity which means you can use this amazing machine literally anywhere, it is essentially a big oven which means you can cook any type of meat or even jacket potatoes.

The Hog Roast kit comes with a hog tray that includes a sump plus, two end plates so you can use the machine outside and the wind/weather wont affect the cooking temperature, and two hog brackets so the user can lift the tray when fully cooked which allows for easier carving of your food. Everything that is included with the tray is fully stainless steel which helps maintain food safety and is easy to clean.