What else can you cook on a Platinum machine?

The question we get asked over and over again is what else can you cook on a Platinum machine? Is it just pigs? The answer is most definitely not with the use of attachment on our machines it opens up a whole new cooking experience. The chicken spit is the one that is used when cooking for lots of people and it is simple to put onto the machine it clips on to the motor and the spit rotates you can then place chicken, lamb, beef and through the glass doors you can view when the meat is cooking, when the cooking is complete you raise the spit to the top level of the machine and you can carve straight from the spit and it really is a lovely sight and you’d think the cooking had been done by a top class chef that is how professional it looks! And not just meat but potatoes too! You can cook hundreds of perfect jacket potatoes at once and all cook evenly and the taste is like nothing you have ever tasted before the skin is crisp and when you slice into the potato it smells beautiful! Soft fluffy potato can be filled with delicious fillings that can be kept in the huge Gastronomes that sit at the side of the machines the gastronomes keep the food nice and hot and not only can you keep the fillings for your potatoes in them you can also fill them with gravy, soup, vegetables in fact what ever you want. The beauty about our machines is that each section clips apart for easy cleaning and then clips back together really simple there is nothing to it at all and one of the things we are most proud of after cleaning the machine we always say rub a dry cloth over the outside of the machine and within a minute you can see your face in it they polish to perfection and really look good we are really proud of the Platinum and we wouldn’t put our name to it unless we thought it was the best and it is by far!