You need the correct tools

We always say to do a job properly you need the correct tools and that also applies to catering. Hog roasting also deserves the best machines and there are a lot out there on the market and some better than others what we would always say is buy British and buy with the stamp of safety that you can only ever get with a British machine and if you want us to recommend a machine to you then they can only ever be one machine and that is The Platinum.

The Platinum is stylish, reliable, sturdy, value for money I could go on and on but take a look for your self it is a machine to be seen out and about catering with! You really do look like you know what you are doing when standing behind the Platinum even if you haven’t a clue you look the part! But its not rocket science to operate the Platinum as it is so simple. When we deliver the machine to you our friendly delivery driver is there to help, if you wish he will set up the machine for you and if you are not using the machine right away he will explain how to set up the machine and will also leave with you a paper leaflet showing you the simplicity of setting up the machine and we cannot stress enough how easy it is, you can always ring us if you get stuck we are here to help but we are sure that it won’t come to that and you will cope admirably, as there is nothing to it.

Using the Platinum will make light work of your catering needs and we are confident in saying that that everything cooked on the machine tastes so much nicer! For juicy chicken and plump turkey alone what a difference the Platinum makes cooking in less time and evenly cooking everything. If you are unsure hire the machine first get a feel of it and we will let you into a secret once we hire it to you, you won’t want to hand it back no one ever does!