Great end to the year!!

As 2012 nearly draws to a close we have had a great end to the season with sales on the platinum machines, with most of the machines going out not just a hog or a spit but with every attachment there is available.

I had the pleasure of dropping a platinum excel loaded with extras up to Yonderton rare breed pigs in Scotland this week ready for the Christmas fate they were catering for that same day. As they were pig farmers they were using one of there own reared pigs for the first time and what a great looking pig it was, it was perfect for the event they were catering for. After a full demonstration of the machine and all the attachments they felt very confident in using the machine later that day. Another very satisfied customer with there new Platinum excel machine.

We have had lots of compliments from current customers that have been using our platinum machines on the recent Christmas markets giving us some great feed back out the machines and how many people they have been able to feed up to 600 people from just one cook, yes one cook!!!

So why wait get your orders in for the new year on this fantastic machine, widening your capabilities for your catering events.