Made in the UK

Made in the UK from a very reliable company who specialise in perfection! The Platinum is a unique machine and one that will catch the attention of others just looking at it you can see why. We have many customers who come to us far and wide and we are so pleased that they regard us as a first class manufacturer and good words from previous customers help us become the success we are today.

The Platinum is one of the largest machines out their not clumpy but just the right size large enough to cook for hundreds at any one time, duel cooking levels the machine has two cooking compartments and this makes cooking such a pleasure you can cook a pig on the top of the machine and on the underside you can cook a variety of other meats also potatoes which is a firm favourite onto the Platinum you can also clip the attachments we have such as the chicken rotisserie, hog roast and the barbeque plate the machine also has a glass window which makes it good to see what you are cooking in the bottom layer of the machine.

On the side of the machine sits two large canisters these are used for lots of different things such as gravy, soup and jacket potato fillings and they keep nice and warm too easy to remove to clean as is all the machine we have designed it to ensure easy cleaning. The Platinum has four large sturdy wheels two at the top and two at the bottom of the machine and these are so important as when moving the machine and sometime we have to move it with the meat on and it would e a disaster if the wheels were not placed correctly and the machine over turned.

A lot of care and thought has gone into the design of each machine and we are always thinking ahead and wanting to add new features we are always searching out new ideas as we want to make our caters have fun when cooking as that is what it is all about!