Known all around the globe

The Platinum hog roasting machine is a name known all around the globe well known in the catering world by all and a highly sought after machine, the reason being the machine is the only machine you will ever need and to be fair may look complicated and may look like it is only for professionals but that is defiantly not the case the machine can be used by anyone and it is.

Made from brushed steel making it easy to clean and polish is always a bonus you don’t need to use harsh chemicals when cleaning the machine a little washing up liquid and hot water is sufficient. Duel cooking now there’s a word! A word that hog roasters want to hear the machine has not one but two cooking areas one on top for say the pig or any other types of meat and just underneath that is an area where you can cook it has toughened safety glass so you can see what you are cooking and of course the duel cooking!

Duel cooking for all those out there who don’t know is cooking on two levels on different temperatures so you can have for instance jacket potatoes cooking on the underside with some vegetable kebabs which will take a lower temperature that say the pig cooking on the top so you have two control panels one for the top and one for the bottom and this takes the machine to a new level making it so sophisticated and professional.

On the side of the machine sits two huge gastronomes these are perfect for your jacket fillings or soup as they keep the food piping hot for hours and can also be used to keep vegetables hot too. The Platinum is mind blowing and never fails to amaze us we love hearing from our customers when they have used the machine for the first time they are always surprised over how easy and simple it is to use and with the added bonus of producing the finest of foods well that’s what the machine is designed for producing the finest food!