variety of attachments

The Platinum machine has a variety of attachments to give you the ultimate cooking experience. Let me explain the attachments and usage. The spit roast kit the one used to cook a whole pig or lamb the most eye catching as once the meat is placed onto the machine it slowly rotates and the meat is cooked evenly and really draws in the crowds people love to see the meat rotate and it is quite mesmerising to see! The chicken spit is a very good attachment that makes cooking so much easier, this will let you cook huge volumes of food at any one time on average you can cook about 50 chickens at once really impressive and all cooked perfect. Again as with all the attachments the meat can be carved direct from the machine direct to the plate this is so much easier and saves again on mess. The barbeque attachment is the newest and the one we are most proud of to date! The plate simply clips on top of the machine and you are free to cook anything you like quickly. Fish, vegetables and steaks are a popular choice along with the traditional beef burgers and sausages. The barbeque is ideal if you are for instance catering for an out door event and have a lot of guests arriving within minutes you are cooking and the food cooks so evenly no undercooked food ever on the Platinum you can control the heat of the barbeque easily by just turning the thermostat gas tap and puts you in control of the cooking just like the controls of a cooker top. We are always thriving for new ideas and new ways to improve our machines and have come such a long way our machines are vey reasonable and come with a full guarantee and the British stamp of approval give us a call on our free phone number and we will be there to take your call and explain all about our machines a company where quality is paramount and we believe that to be the secret of our success