A work of art!

The exquisite Platinum hog roasting machine has been described as a work of art! And rightly so the machine looks sensational and a lot of hard work has gone into the design we have a large say in what we want featured and we talk with caterers alike to ask their expert advice on what we could do to improve the Platinum? We are always keen to hear constructive criticism and if you feel something isn’t right tell us, we want the machine to be the best in the UK and we have been told by many that it is!

A lot of thought goes into the design as well as the design of our attachments. The platinum is extremely nice to look at beautifully designed not only does it look great but it also cooks great too! The machine boasts duel fuel bringing the machine bang up to date, the most modern way of cooking, cooking on two levels at different times for different foods say for example you are cooking your pig on the top at one temperature and you have say a few hundred jacket potatoes on the underside of the machines you couldn’t possible cook them on the same temperature as the potatoes would need a lower temperature than the meat well now you can do just that it makes the machine take on a whole new role.

The Platinum is so efficient and made to last there is nothing flimsy about the Platinum evenly proportioned and every single screw and bolt has been expertly fixed in place and can withstand all. The strong handle ensures movement with ease and you can take the Platinum anywhere over rugged land, sand or up a hill the wheels are heavy duty and have strength and durability so if you are wishing to produce excellent food then there can only be one machine and there is only one machine you will ever need the Platinum stands out from the others and is in a league of its own, truly a machine to be proud of as we all are and you will be too…